Tybee Island/Savannah Bachelorette Party

I just got home from an awesome weekend celebrating a dear friend of mine who is getting married in June this past weekend in Tybee Island.

If you are someone who is planning a trip, getting married and interested in doing a trip there, or just have a gals trip coming up- I figured I could share the details of the weekend with you to make your planning a little easier.



This was the home we stayed in. It was so clean, spacious, and the pool in the back was a huge bonus. We did a good amount of cooking and even though the kitchen was small, it was pretty well stocked with tools and supplies. There was also another small fridge downstairs, which is great for keeping drinks cold etc.

Overall I thought that it was the perfect space for a large group of women, and would definitely stay here again.


We played 2 different games the first night-

The Newlywed game + Tom’s (the groom) Anatomy.

You can find great resources for questions here: https://parade.com/1050178/marynliles/newlywed-game-questions/

I asked the groom ahead of time for his answers and made a really simple canva to put the questions into with the only rule being: If she gets it right: bridal party drinks. If she gets it wrong: bride drinks.

Tom’s anatomy was HILARIOUS. I asked the groom ahead of time for pictures of his eye, finger, foot, stomach, ear, and lips. I removed the background from the photos and put them in a lineup with other stock photos of male body parts. It was a total hit and made everyone laugh.


First of all I need to mention that getting from the island to Savannah is NOT an easy situation. Uber is not super available and when it is it is $$$$$. One of the awesome gals in my group had an amazing find: A really awesome guy named Luke started a business out of his white mini van and gives people rides at an affordable price! His number is (517) 281- 8939. He also gave us the names of a Father and Son in law duo who help folks out later at night and do further away rides as well. Their numbers are here: Zach (606) 939-1253 and Chris (614) 208-1294.

Artillery- This was a really cute space, but they couldn’t accommodate us so we ended up going TO SAVOY SOCIETY- Which was really cute and everyone seemed to like their drinks. We got a charcuterie there as well that was divine.

Peregrin- This was a VERY cute and well done rooftop spot right by emporium. I would highly recommend for a casual happy hour.

Emporium- This was a really cute place, but tbh I didn’t think it was anything super memorable. The service was SLOW af. The food came out luke warm, but I will say the creamed corn was weirdly AMAZING if you like truffle. I do think it is a good place to go with a big group of people.

Mint to be Mojito Bar-I have never been so confused about a place if I am being totally honest. It turns out there is a speakeasy in the back and if you don’t have a code they embarrass you so that you can get it. Vibes were super weird in the back. Seemed like a steamy place for some nerd hookups lol. And that's no shade to the nerds, because I am one- I just prefer to hook up in my house LOL.

Club One- Loved this. I love a bar that has different areas within it to hang out. This is a gay bar with different levels. They have karaoke, drag shows, and a dance floor. We did the midnight drag show which was $16 per person and was SO worth it. Their queens were legit and the whole group enjoyed it.


On Sunday morning after our night out we had a spa company come to the house. Balance Mobile Massage was the name. They offered massage, facials, and mani pedis! They were fantastic. The nail tech was a HOOT and let me know that she does things separately in her private studio and for groups! Bonus? Black female veteran owned- YASSS. Her name was Yaqinar and you can find her on IG at @nailsbyyaqinar!


We ordered in Huckapoos on Friday and their pizzas were GOOD. Salad was more subpar imo. We definitely got too many salads so beware that their $5 salad is BIG.

Chamacos- This was SO good. I got the tostada and I could not recommend more. We walked here from the public beach access and it was perfect. Their margs were amazing as well according to the group!


When involved in the planning of a trip like this there are always going to be some ideas that don’t make it to the end of the planning process. Here were some of ours:

Beach Yoga: There is a company called “Beach Yoga Tybee” who will do private yoga classes with your group. It was pretty pricey in my opinion but she does offer a more affordable private class!

Savannah Smiles Dueling Pianos: I wanted to go here so badly and it came highly recommended. Another time for sure.

There was one other idea to bring in a chef for a night instead of going out to do a meal and wine pairing menu, but it never got past the idea phase so sharing it here in case you want to explore this further.


We ordered the bride a towel with the grooms face on it, which was really cute and she loved.

We had a basket ready for her on the bed and each of us brought something to contribute to it- I did handmade cookies with her dogs face on them with a ring in his mouth. They were really cute!

Some other cute customizations I have seen would be doing spoons for serving food with the brides face on the end of them and using tulle to make a little veil hanging off of each.

I hope that you found this helpful if you are planning a group trip of any kind to the area!