The Announcement

Something you should know about me is that I am the WORST secret keeper of all time. Wait. Wait. I am great at keeping YOUR secrets, but when it comes to my own all I want to do is scream it from the rooftop!

There are no surprises around here. Ever. But this secret... I have been holding onto. Keeping it close to my chest. And I am SO relieved that it's finally time to share with the world...


Starting in late May Chris and I will be packing up the truck and hitting the road for a year of travel!

Now let me be clear... whenever I see these types of announcements it's usually people living the van life and going on lots of hikes and outdoor adventures.... that could NOT be me y'all.We are making this journey work for us in a way that feels within our "comfort zone" if that even exists in this sense. We will be going from city to city for a month at a time and living in a rental home.

This is SO out of character for both Chris and I to take on. We are homebodies. We love a good night in...hell a good weekend in. BUT when the opportunity presented itself we knew if we let the fears of the unknown hold us back then we would forever regret it.

We have both lived in the suburbs of Atlanta our entire lives. I would definitely not consider either of us "well traveled" by any means. So we are hoping to really use this opportunity to grow as people and enjoy the hell out of what else is out there.

Even though there have yet to be any FAQ (because no one knows yet) we are anticipating a lot of common questions in which I want to address...

"How did this all come to be?"

At the beginning of the year we both sat down and discussed things we might want to do before we start having kids. When we compared notes afterwards, we both had written living elsewhere for a year. Well one thing I know is that a dream stays just a dream unless you put action behind it. We soon discovered my oldest sister would be able to rent our home from us while we are gone. Once Chris got the OK from his job we were basically like... HOLY SHIT THIS IS HAPPENING.

"When do you leave?"

We start our journey around the end of May, but to be honest we don't have it all nailed down just yet. We start our first real booking on June 6!

"Where are y'all going?"

We have our first 3 months of travel all booked out so far. I have a working idea of where we will be up until after Christmas but nothing is really set in stone. SO FAR: We have Charlotte, Nashville, A weekend in DC, and Brooklyn booked as well as a week in Cancun for my birthday!

"Are you taking the dogs?"

This is likely THE most heartbreaking part of doing this for both Chris and myself. Sadly we are going to leave them back home and they will be at Hotel De La Black (aka my in-laws house) during the duration of the travel. We are going to miss them so much I am honestly not sure how I am going to cope.

"How are you getting around?"

We are actually going to be packing up Chris's truck and driving from place to place. When we want to come back home we will fly, but otherwise we will be driving the whole way!

I am sure you all are going to have TONS of questions and I PROMISE we will answer them. The truth is right now we really don't know a lot of the answers. I am so excited to take you all along with us on this journey every step of the way. From showing what we are packing to packing up our home, to getting the truck all ready, and of course the planning and what we are up to along the way.

I'd also love to note we are planning to document our journey in a new YOUTUBE channel! Check out our first video here:


81 DAYS!