Alright, I know you all are wondering how we went from this (left) to this (right)

I am going to take you all step by step below with a shopping list below!

  1. I measured the room L and W and because we have a little corner I also measured that as it's own rectangle and I entered it into THIS square footage calculator!

  2. I was really sure I wanted to paint the walls white and I just got a basic Valspar Pure white eggshell paint from home depot for $26. It was literally JUST enough for my space, but honestly I would opt for the more expensive one next time that guarantees one coat. I also went back for a small can of black paint to do the trim. I am SO glad I did this, and it cost $14 and I have a TON left over. I also recommend using frog tape and not blue painters tape. It works much better. Before you start painting you'll need to remove any shelving that was previously there and patch the holes and sand them down. Give everything a good wipe down before you start painting. We didn't have to put a drop cloth on the floor because we knew we were covering them which saved a lot of time.

  3. From there I was able to pick out the peel and stick tile that I wanted. When I stumbled upon THIS FLOOR on amazon I literally lost my mind and knew I was going to design this entire space around it. Because I had my calculations from above I knew I needed THREE boxes of flooring- totaling $79.83. All you need to install is a sharp box cutter- I got one from Home Depot with 8 replacement blades for $8! Start in the center when installing the floors and then you will make your cuts around the edges. We did end up breaking the quarter round when removing it, so I would recommend grabbing a spare piece and we had to borrow our neighbors mitre saw to make the correct cut. The spare piece was $7 of the quarter round.

  4. My main issue with the previous laundry room was the functionality of it- the shelves above the washer and dryer were so high I could barely reach. I knew I needed lower shelves and I also knew I was totally capable of making them. I took the measurements from wall to wall and I subtracted an INCH total from that. I found a board at home depot that was 2x12 x 12ft (MAKE SURE IT IS 12 INCHES or it will not fit your brackets) and had them cut two 67 inch cuts for a total of $19 and I had some old stain and a palm sander around the house. I sanded each board and applied stain with an old cleaning rag (I do recommend a glove for this.) I didn't even bother putting a poly on top to seal it due to how it was going to be used. I purchased THESE BRACKETS (2 packs) for a total of $41.98! We hung the brackets on the wall first and then drilled in the wood pieces!

  5. I still wanted to be able to hang any clothes up that needed to be dried, but also have a place for storage, so I measured the nook and grabbed THIS RACK ($23.99) which is super simple and easy to hang and THIS CABINET! ($151.00) I almost cried when we slid it into the nook and it fit perfectly!

  6. Speaking of storage, one of the things y'all loved most was THIS CART ($38.99) that slides between the washer and dryer and not only does filling that space make it look better aesthetically, but also now I have a functional space to put my laundry supplies!

  7. The last thing we got for this renovation was this GORGEOUS LIGHT FIXTURE ($28.99)which completely elevated the space and added a gorgeous texture to the walls! Since it was a flush mount fixture it was not hard for us to hang- white with white and black with black, right!? JK Chris did and I held it when it was time to install it! LOL! Don't forget you will need SPECIAL BULBS ($8.99) for this- I got the 40 WATT and it looks perfect.

All in all not including the spare tools we ended up running out of or needing to replace we spent $447.77 on this renovation and it took less than a week to do (only because of our busy schedules and doing it in pieces). I hope you can take some inspo from this and choose a small space to spruce up!