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It is VERY important to us that we are keeping the community small so that everyone feels supported and comfortable sharing their experience with others. 

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Jules and Jess came into my life at the perfect time. I was one year postpartum and only a couple months into my fitness journey. I had worked out pretty hard pre-baby, but after having a c-section, my core has been struggling. I had one on one meetings with both Jules and Jess and they are both simply amazing. Jess custom made a workout plan to help strengthen my core, instead of doing any more damage to it.They are both always willing to help me and answer any questions I have promptly. And the community of girls that are a part of this team are motivating and inspiring. If you need a good laugh or cry, Jules and Jess are always there to pick you up. Join this team, you won't regret it. I am getting stronger mentally and physically every day.  


"This program and the group have given me great accountability and the feeling of being part of something bigger and it helps me not to feel completely overwhelmed on this journey and for the first time I am NOT alone in this. 👏🏼🔥 so thank you Jess and Julie for your dedication, hard work, and this chance that is truly a gift! 🥺❤️ I could not be more humbled and grateful that I was able to be part of the start of something so wonderful and life changing. Thank you!!!"


"SayYes2Success #HolidayProof Challenge was something I wasn't sure I "needed." I had been on a weight loss, get healthier journey for 6-months, and have been successful. Little did I know what I would gain(no lbs were gained actually lol) from this program. A community of people just like me, struggling, succeeding and understanding that those two things can happen in the same freakin' day! The program forced me to have difficult conversations with myself, forced me to look at things I had obviously been avoiding, and address them. That alone was worth it. The "weight" lifted off my shoulders and allowed me to refocus and start the next leg of this journey with a clearer mind, and the bonus is I've got a got a community of people cheering me on...that is priceless!! "