Jules Black

Hi, I’m Jules


I would say from a young age I have always had a tugging on my heart and a strong desire to help other people in some capacity. Conveniently I have also had an issue managing my weight from a young age. I developed a poor relationship with food, developed a lot of fear foods, and never really could find a good sweet spot- constantly gaining and losing.


Eventually I got up to a weight that I didn’t recognize myself. I was newly engaged, and determined to make the change. I found a physician who listened to me and had more to say than just “exercise and eat less”. I was put on medication and I fully committed myself to this new lifestyle change, and you won’t believe what happened….it finally CLICKED for me. And so Sayyes was born.


I made it my mission to be vulnerable and share every bit of my journey online even if it was only my mom reading it. But more than just her showed up…. People related to me in ways I never knew possible. I spent YEARS thinking I was completely alone in this world and on this journey and there was no one out there who understood.


By posting online I found out that this was the furthest thing from the truth. Every single one of you became a HUGE support system for me and cheered me on through the highs and lows of a weight loss journey.


This community has been nothing short of amazing for me, and so I knew I had to share you all with one another. I turned my most asked question “how did you do it?” Into a program so I could help each and every one of you write your own success stories.


I am so thankful that you all choose to trust and invest in me, so it is the honor of a lifetime to be able to give back to each of you.



Hi guys, I’m Allie! Originally from Atlanta, but I am currently living in Chicago. I am a full time personal trainer at a luxury fitness facility where I work with mostly weight loss, strength training, marathon training, and pre/post natal clients. I am certified in Precision Nutrition, which plays a huge role in my clients goals. I will be graduating from American University in 2022 with a Master of Science in Nutrition Education. 


After experiencing years or skin and stomach issues over the first 20 years of my life, I made a complete diet change which was documented on social media. The outcome was life changing, and I realized my true passion for nutrition over 5 years ago. I don’t believe it set diets, but I will challenge you to make changes that fit your lifestyle and align with your goals! Can’t wait to work together to make you feel like the best version of yourself.

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Hi guys, I’m coach Jess! I was born and raised in Tampa Florida where I studied Interpersonal Communications with a focus in Group Dynamics at the University of Central Florida. My passion for fitness started here with my own weight loss journey. I earned my Certified Personal Training certificate through the National Academy of Sports Medicine where I am also currently obtaining my nutrition coaching certification through NASM as well. I have trained people from all walks of life, and my mentality with fitness is to find programming that empowers each unique individual to unleash their inner capabilities by crushing mental barriers and physically pushing the limit. Consistency leads to capability to regain control, and I can’t wait to walk with you along the way

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Hey, I’m Alexandra!


After growing up struggling with my weight and relationship to food, it sparked my curiosity and an untapped need to seek a deeper understanding of the human body and its’ potential. In 2018, I graduated from UT-Chattanooga with a Master’s of Science in Public Health and Human Performance. I also recently became a CYT-200! Over the years, I continued to watch my mindset, health and life radically transform with the adoption of meditation, mindfulness and functional medicine. I find purpose in empowering others to create a more fulfilling sense of wellbeing. My passion is helping women grow their self-confidence, drive impact towards their goals and foster meaningful connections across their communtities.